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Building Minds In America is the leading provider in offering online test prep classes for all teaching certification exams. All courses include diagnostic session, which allows us to evaluate weak areas and understand why you are not passing the exam. From the diagnostic session, we develop a course outline that meets your needs. We dive deep into understanding the root cause of why you are not getting the points to pass. Our studying philosophy has allowed us to design online classes that will significantly increase your score.


What is included in the test prep course?

Diagnostic Assessment Session – In Class Quizzes – Progress Report – Homework Assignment – Customize Syllabus/Curriculum based on Diagnostic Test – Focus on Weak Areas – Organized and Structured Course – Test Taking Tips – Test Anxiety Session – Guessing Session – Time Taking Session, Online Tutoring Sessions (45-60 minutes weekly) and MORE!!!

We provide test prep courses for the following Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators:

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Yesterday, I took the Elementary Education exam, and I passed it. The passing score was 220, and my score 225. I would like to thank you for all of the material and tips you gave me to study with. Again, thank you for all that you did to help me pass. Also, my mother would like to send you a message. Coby Smiley

Mr. Scofield, I am actually the one who found and paid for your service for Coby. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but I knew Coby had to pass these to start looking for a job. Coby has come a long way and has have to overcome many challenges. He was born with a learning and speech disorder, but I was determined to help him all I could to overcome them. Has worked really hard to have earned his teaching degree and passing this tests was his last step before obtaining his license. Thank you sooooo much for your services. He pulled up his scores at least 16 points (probably more on the Elementary Ed) on both tests!!!!! It was sooooo worth the money. You are doing a great service. Bless you.
Debbie Smiley

I finally passed my math exam after six times. Thank you so much Kevin. You have no clue how much this means to me. Joan U.

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